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In the 19th century, Mark Twain noted that: He has made a marvelous fight in this world… and has done it with his hands tied behind him. Ashkenazi Jews have continued to mentally out-compete other demographics since his statement, often suffering horrendous consequences for their toil. Here is a brief list of Ashkenazi accomplishments in the last 90 years. Ashkenazi achievement in this arena is times greater than their population. Hungary in the s:


Email BERLIN — A theater in southern Germany is proceeding with plans to open a satirical play Friday about Adolf Hitler’s youth in which some patrons will be wearing swastika armbands, despite objections and legal complaints. Though named after Hitler’s infamous anti-Semitic manifesto, the play tells a fictional story of how a young Hitler is befriended in Vienna by a Jewish man who takes pity on him for his futile pursuit of a career as an artist and puts him on his political path, as well as helping him with his hairstyle.

Tabori, who was born into a Jewish family in Budapest in , was known for his avant-garde works that confronted anti-Semitism. He died in Though Tabori was able to flee the Nazis himself, his father and other family members were killed in the Auschwitz death camp.

We organise various events independently from securing participants to organising venues. Meetups and transacting conferences are also within our portfolio of expertise and we undertake the complete organizational process whether it is finding and inviting a keynote speaker, organising promotion, or designing the experience.

This will be done by Bogbi and major en Bici MEB as experts on bicycle logistics and production of urban cargo bikes and IDN as a Norwegian expert on business development and upscaling with social impact. The long-term aim is to create a business model that enables partners in other developing countries to produce cargo bikes and create a local urban logistics services.

In collaboration with the Refugee Council, Bogbi and MEB offers vocational training for intermarried refugees and demobilized guerrilla members as a component of a major reintegration program. Young people are trained to become highly qualified bicycle mechanics and bicycle contractors in a strongly expanding market in Bogota and Colombia. Vocational training is conducted in cooperation with the state agency for vocational training SENA.

Improving this vocational training will be one of the most important components in the main project. Colombia has initiated a peace process after 56 years of civil war, where large groups of young people immediately need education and work experience in order to be integrated into working life. Developing green mobility products with integrated technology to promote environmentally friendly and efficient transport solutions, as well as offering vocational training will contribute to sustainable development in Colombia and globally, as well as the development of innovative products for smart cities with Norwegian expertise and design.

We will include one test pilot with the largest Supermarket chain Exito — group in Bogota. This requires small investment for personnel to conduct the study and some physical investments in software and physical infrastructure. We will also explore how the products and experience can be amplified to other countries in the region and other countries in longs term basis. Last mile delivery is defined as the movement of goods from a transportation hub to the final delivery destination.

The final delivery destination is typically a personal residence.

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How does the city stand out in the broader context, not only within Poland but also beyond? We can see the effects of that already. Some new flats are being built every year and about 80 per cent of them are being purchased by newcomers.

Here is a sampling of August events in Europe. It’s wise to confirm dates and times with a local tourism board before traveling in case of cancellations.

HU EN 01Events Throughout our own events and our tailor made solutions for our partners, we make event experience different and easier to measure. We organise various events independently from securing participants to organising venues. Meetups and transacting conferences are also within our portfolio of expertise and we undertake the complete organizational process whether it is finding and inviting a keynote speaker, organising promotion, or designing the experience.

Learn more Events 02Courses At xLabs we prepare you for the next 5 years top jobs. Our trainings and workshops are held by top professionals from major companies. We help them to make your education experiences rising. Thanks to our extensive background in tech recruitment, we specialise in identifying skills on the market and know the professionals who can bridge that gap with their experience and knowledge. We conduct trainings that are open to the public and provide tailor made solutions for companies.

Learn more Courses 03Business matchmaking We personally know influencers on a global scale and we are here to make you the introductions you may need. With the digital age development of the World became exponential.

Meghri Becomes Armenia’s Third FEZ

Jewish Humor Central Jewish Humor Central is a daily publication to start your day with news of the Jewish world that’s likely to produce a knowing smile and some Yiddishe nachas. It’s also a collection of sources of Jewish humor–anything that brings a grin, chuckle, laugh, guffaw, or just a warm feeling to readers. Our posts include jokes, satire, books, music, films, videos, food, Unbelievable But True, and In the News. Some are new, and some are classics.

We post every morning, Sunday through Friday. Wednesday, July 18, James Cagney, the American actor best known for playing tough guys in gangster films and for winning an Oscar for playing George M.

We organise various events independently from securing participants to organising venues. Meetups and transacting conferences are also within our portfolio of expertise and we undertake the complete organizational process whether it is finding and inviting a keynote speaker, organising promotion, or designing the experience.

It is one of the only Colleges in South and Southern Africa that caters exclusively for blind and partially sighted persons. Although the facilities and training programmes are in the first place for the benefit of South African citizens, a small percentage of students from other African countries may also be admitted annually. South African students are drawn from all provinces of South Africa and there is no discrimination in terms of gender, race, language, religion – although English is the language of instruction on all courses.

The College has committed itself to providing relevant training to all students, based on the assessment of their needs. Coming to the College is about moving in for the period of training, and then moving on, whether a student is a school leaver, or is returning to education or work. The commitment to each student is that an opportunity will be created that they can achieve their goals and hopefully reach their full potential.

VISION — Optima College is a centre of excellence, which offers development opportunities, training and support to visually impaired persons in South and Southern Africa, and serves as a bridge to new beginnings. Creating training opportunities for blind and partially sighted persons to develop relevant independence and work related skills, which will enable them to maximise their potential and to function as independently as possible, by using a comprehensive assessment process to identify their training needs and applying an individualised training approach.

If you want to take your future into your own hands, gain new skills and even improve your chances of finding employment, please click on the following links which contain information about the courses offered at Optima College and how to apply:

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Launched in , this photo-sharing website uses imagery to position brands who can take leverage from a vast pool of million users who can turn out to be valuable leads. A majority of people on Instagram uses this tool to post their amateur photos and videos. From crazy pets and mouth-watering foods to up-market apparels and high-tech gadgets, you can find a treasure of ideas from camera buff.

The WIPO Development Agenda ensures that development considerations form an integral part of WIPO’s work. The effective implementation of the Development Agenda, including the mainstreaming of its recommendations into our substantive programs, is a key priority.

In ancient Hebrew, rabbi was a proper term of address while speaking to a superior, in the second person , similar to a vocative case. While speaking about a superior, in the third person one could say ha-rav “the Master” or rabbo “his Master”. Later, the term evolved into a formal title for members of the Patriarchate. Thus, the title gained an irregular plural form: Historical overview[ edit ] The governments of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah were based on a system that included the Jewish kings , the Jewish prophets, the legal authority of the high court of Jerusalem, the Great Sanhedrin , and the ritual authority of the priesthood.

Members of the Sanhedrin had to receive their ordination semicha in an uninterrupted line of transmission from Moses , yet rather than being referred to as rabbis they were called priests or scribes, like Ezra, who is called in the Bible “Ezra, the priest, the scribe, a scribe of the words of God’s commandments and of His statutes unto Israel.

This is illustrated by a two-thousand-year-old teaching in the Mishnah , Ethics of the Fathers Pirkei Avot , which observed about King David , “One who learns from their companion a single chapter, a single halakha , a single verse, a single Torah statement, or even a single letter, must treat them with honor. For so we find with David King of Israel, who learned nothing from Ahitophel except two things, yet called him his teacher [Hebrew text: One can derive from this the following: If David King of Israel who learned nothing from Ahitophel except for two things, called him his teacher, his guide, his intimate, one who learns from their companion a single chapter, a single halakha, a single verse, a single statement, or even a single letter, how much more must they treat them with honor.

And honor is due only for Torah, as it is said: And only Torah is truly good, as it is said: This assembly was composed of the earliest group of “rabbis” in the more modern sense of the word, in large part because they began the formulation and explication of what became known as Judaism’s ” Oral Law ” Torah SheBe’al Peh.


Sparked by recent anti-Trump protests that escalated to violence, Matthew Yglesias reviews recent research on the political consequences of violent protest and references my work: Princeton professor Omar Wasow has a relevant paper that examined county-level voting patterns in the s. What he found is that exposure to nonviolent protests pushed people to vote for the more liberal presidential candidate, while exposure to violent ones pushed people to vote for the more conservative candidate.

Here is a sampling of August events in Europe. It’s wise to confirm dates and times with a local tourism board before traveling in case of cancellations.

On behalf of the Chinese government, I wish to extend warm congratulations on the opening of the Forum and pay high tribute to the people from various sectors who have devoted to the China-CEEC friendship and cooperation. Thanks to the joint efforts of our governments and business communities, we have set up a well-structured framework and expanded the scope of our cooperation with fruitful outcomes. And a total of 6, plus freight trains have traveled between China and European countries.

More than specific cooperation measures have been rolled out in such key areas as trade, investment, connectivity, industrial capacity, finance, green economy and people-to-people exchange. In particular, several major initiatives have been pursued to leverage the geographical advantage of CEE countries. You play a crucial role in enabling the ship to brave winds and waves.

The government’s responsibility is to provide overall guidance, build institutions and platforms for cooperation, foster an enabling trade and investment environment by offering necessary policy support, and protect the lawful rights and interests of all companies. Our cooperation projects over the years, be they on industrial capacity or connectivity, have all followed commercial principles and internationally accepted rules.

Prague INSPIRE Hack 2018

Though the UNSC manages to repel most of the fleet, a large ship hovers over the city, depositing an invasion force. The ship eventually retreats via a slipspace jump, creating a massive shockwave. The tale can also provide useful information for the player during the game, such as helping to locate hidden caches of weapons. He finds Romeo instead, and the two resolve to find the others and get out of the city.

Mickey commandeers a tank and fights his way along a Mombasa boulevard.

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Share this article Share Almost exactly a year ago, a court in Budapest acquitted Hungarian Sandor Kepiro, 97, of charges of ordering the execution of over 30 Jews and Serbs in the Serbian town of Novi Sad in January The Wiesenthal Center, which had also listed Kepiro as the most wanted Nazi war criminal and helped bring him to court, described the verdict as an ‘outrageous miscarriage of justice’.

Six weeks later Kepiro died. Demonstrators protest outside Csatary’s Budapest home last year after prosecutors said investigating an aged Nazi war criminal is problematic because the events took place so long ago The door of Csatary’s Budapest home left on which activists have pasted ‘No Nazi’ symbols. Slow progress by prosecutors has added to worries about the direction of Hungary under right-wing PM Viktor Orban right Prior to his arrest: The European Union of Jewish Students stand with their hands taped together in front of Csatary’s home Recent months have seen something of a public rehabilitation of controversial figures, most notably of Miklos Horthy, Hungary’s dictator from until falling out with his erstwhile ally Adolf Hitler in Anti-Semitic writers like Albert Wass and Jozsef Nyiro, a keen supporter of the brutal Arrow Cross regime installed in power by the Nazis in , have also been reintroduced into the curriculum for schools.

Other incidents include the verbal assault of a year-old rabbi, Jozsef Schweitzer, when a stranger came up to him in the street and said ‘I hate all Jews! Holocaust survivor Mr Wiesel, 83, said: Csatary, 97, is listed by the Vienna-based Nazi-hunters as having ‘helped organise the deportation to Auschwitz of approximately 15, Jews’ from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia in early

Development Agenda for WIPO

It matches developing country inventors and small businesses with limited financial means with patent attorneys, who provide pro bono legal assistance to secure patent protection. Does the Program provide direct financial assistance to inventors? No direct financial assistance is provided. For information on any type of assistance or support related to out of pocket costs e.

The 6th China-Central Eastern European Summit of Leaders will be held in Budapest, Hungary, in November Taking this opportunity, during the meeting of leaders of China-Central and Eastern European countries, the ” China-CEE Small and Medium Enterprises Cooperation Matchmaking Meeting” will be jointly organized by the Ministry of Commerce, Bank of China and the Ministry of .

The project, managed by the Ministry of Economic Development and Investments, aims to increase export-oriented production in Armenia and to attract more investors. This will be thanks to a preferential trade regime with the European Union and its being a member of the Eurasian Economic Union EEU on one hand, and a common border with Iran, on the other.

The new free economic zone FEZ will be the third one in the country. The first two FEZs were established after , when the country adopted a law, which allows both the government and private investors to take the lead. The first FEZ is situated close to the airport and is dedicated to agriculture and jewellery. Both Armenian FEZs allow the export of any kind of goods, without restrictions, to international markets and the Armenian tax legislation grants exemptions from profit tax, income tax, property taxes, VAT and customs duty payment obligations to companies operating within the FEZs.

According to the Ministry, the main goal of the new FEZ is to attract global business and foreign investment.

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The telecast began as a group of buff shirtless men danced in their underwear, while Strahan kept it professional in a sleek black suit. After the troop disappeared off stage, the fully dressed former NFL star joked about not taking part in the Magic Mike inspired routine by saying: The telecast began as a group of buff shirtless men danced in their underwear, while Strahan kept it professional in a sleek black suit Wow: In another segment, Strahan mocked some of the year’s popular films as he came out disguised as characters like Angelina Jolie’s titular role in Maleficent.

Although fans were surprised by his sexy antics, Strahan had hinted about what viewers could expect as he took the reigns of the annual gala put on by the Broadcast Film Critics Association Well-built:

Period Films: Hulu Streaming Willow and Thatch knows that many of you enjoy watching full episodes, and series, of your favorite period dramas online. Because it is oh-so-nice to discover new movies to stream, I’ve put together a list of period films and costume dramas that are currently available to watch now by those of you with a Hulu subscription.

Hapje Tapje , culinary fest, Aug. Fireworks Festival , Aug. Planting of the Meyboom , folklore event, Aug. Antilles Fest , Caribbean-style festivities, Aug. Antwerp Pride Parade , Aug. Salon de Antiquaires , antique and flea market, Expo, Aug. We Can Dance , electronic music festival, Aug. Grande Brocante , Aug. Rubens Market , features costumed sellers, Grote Markt, Aug. North Sea Festival , culinary festival, Aug. Pukkelpop , popular music fest, Aug. Bollekesfeest , culinary festival, Aug.

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