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Roll out the AB Reinforcement Grid behind the blocks, keeping the edge of the geogrid tight against the front lip of the blocks. Place an alternating corner block on the second course and set the entire second course of block in both directions. Level, backfill and compact again.

“They’re like the two crazies who just deserve each other in the corner,” says Kevin. Krystal gets Chris’s rose. (Also, it’s a Roth IRA, not an “IRA Roth,” you nincompoops.).

Print Article AA For many, an evening out at a bar can mean a chance to catch up with friends, maybe play some bar games, perhaps win a few free drinks playing trivia. For others, a trip to the bar is made with one simple goal in mind: Houston has a bustling bar scene, one packed with twenty- and thirtysomethings looking for nothing more than a one-night stand.

These are the ten best hookup bars the city has to offer. This provides a chance to come as you are and mingle with potential hookups. That holds particularly true on Thursday nights from March until November, when weekly turtle races pack in flocks of eligible bachelors and bachelorettes. Some nights, Kung Fu is absolutely bumping with men and women alike.

On occasion, however, it turns into a bit of a sausage fest. Oh well, on those rare occasions, fellas can sidle up to any number of free arcade games with their buddies and pass the time playing NBA Jam or Street Fighter 2.

2019 Ram 1500: First Drive Review

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Vanity Fair’s Nancy Jo Sales looks at what happens when romance is swiped from the screen.

Pattern Time Now is time for the painful part. Pulling off a corner from the house in order to make a template. If a corner is already loose or laying on the ground it does happen you’re in luck. But if not, you’re going to have to remove one from the house. This is the not fun part since there is usually a blind nail at the top of the corner holding it in place. So now that we have the corner off, use the pliers to flatten the corner to make the template.

Cut a segment out of the coil stock and use the old flattened corner and trace the outline onto the blank. Then use the tin snips to cut the blank out.

Lumenati Hookup Guide

Liquid Nails, PL, etc. Some caulking may be needed. For now just use a couple of nails, to hold them in place, and NO adhesive. Position The First Panel We recommend that you install the panels from left to right for the Laguna panels it would be right to left. For better results mark some horizontal chalk lines on the wall to keep your panels leveled. The left side of the first panel the one with the open lips should be trimmed, removing the fingers and creating a straight edge.

These are seven drywall installation mistakes you’ve probably made before and how to fix those mistakes before you do it again. The corner of the bead will lie too low, making it difficult to cover with joint compound. The solution is to place cut edges along an outside corner (right). 4 / 7. Check the Fit Before Fastening.

It’s as simple as cutting the hole, dropping in the sink and hooking up the plumbing and flexible water lines. Corner cabinets have more room than standard cabinets, so sink installation can be completed in about an hour. Typically, sink manufacturers include a cutting template with the sink. This makes the sink layout and installation efficient and almost foolproof. Laminate Sink installation should always be done before the laminate is installed whenever possible, but If you have purchased a prebuilt, modular or freestanding corner cabinet, it may already have laminate installed on top.

If the laminate has not yet been installed, the hole for the sink can be cut in the particleboard or plywood top, the laminate can be glued down and then the sink hole can be cut out of the laminate with a router. This protects the laminate from being damaged or scratched by the saw and provides a smooth, even cut to the laminate.

Building with Corners

Trade weather-beaten wood trim for a lower-maintenace alternative. Most homes – regardless of age, size or style – have some sort of exterior trim. The frieze is the horizontal trim board along the top of an exterior wall just below the soffit.

How to Install a Kitchen Sink By Jefferson Kolle of This Old House magazine A shiny new sink, along with a new faucet and countertop, will jazz up a kitchen as much as new flooring and appliances, and for considerably less money.

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Combines elements of a social network and a dating platform Over 15 million members worldwide Available for iOS, Android, and desktop Includes access to news and articles pertaining to the gay community Good source of reviews of gay-friendly businesses near you. Cons Requires a paid membership to make full use of the features A high number of inactive profiles Requires linking to your Facebook or Google plus account to register — In-Depth Hornet App Review — Are you a gay man not currently satisfied with the dating app that you are using?

Do you find your current dating app to be shallow and focused almost entirely on physicality and short-term relationships? As fun as those apps can be, maybe you also want to have the option of something more serious, more profound. Hornet is a gay social dating app that takes a universal approach to gay dating.

Corner Post Company is a full-service property management company servicing Albuquerque and Rio Rancho. If you.

There are three ways to handle corners. You made this choice for your kitchen at the time you ordered your cabinets. In the first option, a blind base installation, the cabinet on one wall the blind base extends almost to the corner, and then a standard base cabinet installed on the adjacent wall butts into it. Install these cabinets as a team and clamp them together as you level, plumb and attach them to the wall. You must align it to reference lines on both walls as you level, plumb, and attach it to the wall.

If you are using two standard base cabinets, you must install the cabinets in pairs to ensure that they meet precisely.