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Massira in Regular, Ballpoint, and Spray. In the early s, Huda Smitshuijzen-AbiFares was met with a difficult design brief in her hometown of Beirut. After years of civil war, a downtown area of the city was being rebuilt and she was asked to consult on Arabic typography for new signage. And in other Arab countries, if you have knowledge of this? It is somewhat understood better in some countries than in others. However, I feel that with the growing number of universities and art schools that are offering design education in the region, the understanding of design as a profession is improving. There is still however a lack of understanding of the potential of design, its social and economic relevance. Would you say there is a definitive Arab visual language? Yes, I think the visual language of geometrical and complex arabesques and Arabic lettering can be considered a common Arab visual heritage. However, it is difficult to say that all Arab designers use such language in their work.

Typographic Matchmaking In The City

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The Man with the Golden Arm Posters, lobby cards, album covers and the title sequence. This is the original version, designed and signed by Saul Bass Saul Bass: At the time he started working on a book about his own life and career. Due to copyright issues the book never saw the light of day. Thanks to the assistence of Martin Scorsese that changed last weekend, when Saul Bass: A good example of her writing style and research capabilities is this fantastic 9-pages-long article:

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Revisiting Helvetica, the Typeface So Ubiquitous It “Feels Like Air”

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Typographic Matchmaking in the City

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The Typographic Matchmaking in the City book offers a brief range of essays that discuss the complex topic of public space from their respective authors’ individual experiences and perspectives.

Reading is such a matter of course that at first glance, it seems there is nothing to say about it. The contributors to this volume have all given reading a second glance, and find much to say about it. Their investigations take us beyond the simple rubric of “literacy,” which was once understood as an evolutionary advancement in the generalization, abstraction, and reliable transmission of otherwise evanescent and changeable oral communication.

They all throw into question the assumption made a few decades ago, at the beginning of anthropological studies of literacy, that we could safely posit a “‘central difference between literate and non-literate societies"” Goody and Watt , cited in Goody et al. We are now coming to recognize a much more complex interplay of different forms of human communication, from lullabyes to hypertext and beyond. At the origin of the collection lies my own experience as part of a collective reading group-a yeshiva study class described in my own contribution to this book.

I was inspired to come to the yeshiva by the example of my older brother, who had successfully entered the world of traditional Jewish reading as an adult. Lacking the philological skills he had acquired, however, I remained somewhat of an outsider even though I wanted to be “in the book. As I began reading the current scholarly literature, I found that I was not the only researcher questioning the very distinction between oral and literate cultures. I reasoned that, no matter how famously prominent texts may be in Jewish life, the situation of “living textuality” I found at the yeshiva could hardly be unique to Jewish culture.

Comparing the place of texts in various cultural situations might also be one way to counter, and to help explain, the persistent isolation of Jewish culture as a research specialty in anthropology Boyarin I tested this hypothesis by organizing sessions on the ethnography of reading in at the conventions of the American Anthropological Association and the Modern Language Association.

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Slab serif

These essays frame and contextualize the research and designs presented by the five teams participating in the Typographic Matchmaking in the City project. They briefly shed light on the function and role of text in architectural spaces, discussing specific historical and contemporary examples from cities like Beirut, Dubai, Muscat, Cairo, Rotterdam and Amsterdam, and addressing the various roles of monumental typography in public space.

The book ‘The Typographic Matchmaking in the City’, like the design research project that preceded it, provides concrete observations on differences as well as shared principles between the Latin and Arabic scripts, and on cultural and architectural conventions for the use of typographic design in three-dimensional urban space in different cities and cultural contexts. It raises thoughtful questions and provides useful tools that designers can use in creating new works for interventions in their own cities.

City (typeface) – City is a slab serif typeface designed by Georg Trump and released around by the Berthold type foundry in Berlin, Germany. Though classified as a serif, City displays a strong modernist influence in its geometric structure of right angles.

A stern statement is rendered that much more serious under the guise of Times New Roman, while a friendly missive is softened even more by the touch of Georgia Italic. Fonts have, for centuries, transformed the way we communicate on paper The world of digital typography is full of experimental fonts — available for free online — but the realm is also rich in homages, those designs that pay tribute to everything from the architecture, art, music and pop culture of yesteryear. We’ve scoured the web to find some of our favorite retro-inspired imaginings.

Behold, 15 free fonts that harken back to vintage typography: Genplan This font is inspired by Soviet typefaces of ‘s. We have Dmitry Goloub , Russian graphic designer, to thank for the cyrillic wonder. Alt Retro The name says it all. This particular font comes from Cyprus-based Andreas Leonidou. And we love it. Thanks Marco Goran Romano. Metropolis ” Metropolis comes from the industrial movement of the ‘s where skyscrapers where born.

Dumento Dumento is an “uppercase experimental typeface inspired by 17th century alchemy.