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Share this article Share ‘He prevented a greater disaster by ignoring his own life and by giving his life. He showed great heroism neutralising those committing these cowardly plans,’ Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said late Thursday. Bozdag vowed the attack would never damage Turkey’s fight against terror less than a week after a gunman stormed an Istanbul elite nightclub during New Year’s celebrations, killing 39 people. The two assailants were also shot dead in Thursday’s incident after they detonated an explosives-laden vehicle at a road block and engaged in a shootout with police. The provincial governor, Erol Ayyildiz, blamed the PKK, for the car bombing and a large crowd assembled at the scene, chanting: Social media in Turkey is full of praise for Fethi Sekin pictured , the ‘heroic’ police officer who thwarted the terrorists’ attempts to blow up a courthouse in Izmir today Fethi Sekin poses proudly outside the Justice Palace in Izmir left , which he was guarding today when he was killed. He was also a father right Fethi Sekin pictured was a popular figure and has been described as a ‘hero’ The dramatic moment terrorists shot at Mr Sekin, 43, and another Turkish policemen in the street was caught on video. An officer can be seen sprinting away from a row of parked cars before collapsing to the ground after been shot during a gunfight in Izmir, on Turkey’s west coast. Moments later, a second officer appears to fall to the pavement nearby after being targeted by an attacker.


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The history of the Jews in Lebanon encompasses the presence of Jews in present-day Lebanon stretching back to Biblical times. Following large-scale emigration following the Arab–Israeli War, and much more importantly the Lebanese Civil War, the vast majority of Lebanese Jews now live in Western countries and many live in Israel. As the latest census in Lebanon was conducted in

In their place came civil marriage and divorce, both to be registered with the civil authorities and both entailing equal rights for the man and the woman. Marriage of a Muslim woman with a non-Muslim man became legally possible. Like other reformist legislation, the new civil code initially had only limited effect in the countryside.

Polygamous marriages did not cease immediately, and in some cases the marriage to one wife was officially registered and the children of the other wife or wives, married in religious ceremonies, were then registered as her offspring. More important and longer-lived was the continued practice of “illegal” religious marriages called imam marriages , which continued to produce “illegitimate” offspring. This has necessitated promulgation of six special laws since , affecting a total of 2.

Traditionally, marriage had been, and frequently continues to be, a contract negotiated and executed by the betrotheds’ families and blessed by a representative of the religious establishment. Representatives of the bride negotiated the contract with those of the groom, stipulating such terms as the size and nature of the bride-price paid by the groom’s family to the bride’s, and certain conditions of conjugal life.

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The story of Izmir brings up yet another lineup of the usual suspects, beginning with the traces of an unidentified group dating from at least the 3rd millennium B.C. Excavations at the nearby site of Bayrakli in the Meles river valley have uncovered evidence of a primitive culture influenced by Hittite religious models; in fact, the Luwi word.

Originating from a mystical order at the turn of the 14th century, the Safavids ruled Persia from to The period of the Safavids, the dynasty that took control of Persia in the early 16th century, is often considered the beginning of modern Persian history, just as the state they created is said to mark the genesis of the Persian nation-state. It would be anachronistic to call Safavid Persia a modern nation-state, and it is important to realize that, in many ways, Safavid society continued Mongol and Timurid patterns and practices—ranging from its coinage to its administrative institutions.

The Safavids, in fact, consciously built their legitimacy on past tradition. Yet it is also true that the Safavids made many original contributions and their legacy survives in various ways. They unified much of Persia under a single political control, transforming an essentially tribal nomadic order into a sedentary society deriving most of its revenue from agriculture and trade.

History of the Jews in Lebanon

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We have made an atlas of 94 subducted slabs and their geological record. Abstract Across the entire mantle we interpret 94 positive seismic wave-speed anomalies as subducted lithosphere and associate these slabs with their geological record. We document this as the Atlas of the Underworld, also accessible online at www. Deeper slabs are correlated to older geological records, assuming no relative horizontal motions between adjacent slabs following break-off, using knowledge of global plate circuits, but without assuming a mantle reference frame.

Anomously fast sinking of some slabs occurs in regions affected by long-term plume rising. We conclude that slab remnants eventually sink from the upper mantle to the core-mantle boundary. The range in subduction-age versus — depth in the lower mantle is largely inherited from the upper mantle history of subduction.

History of the Jews in Lebanon

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Their number at present is estimated around The community has been described as elderly and apprehensive. An estimated 6, Lebanese Jews emigrated in the wake of the Arab—Israeli War , shrinking the community down to by Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. September Learn how and when to remove this template message In pre-Biblical times, the region between Gaza and Anatolia essentially modern day Lebanon, Israel, Palestinian Territories, Jordan and Syria was a single cultural unit.

Despite the lack of any central political authority, the region shared a common language family Northwest Semitic languages , including Phoenician , Ancient Hebrew and Aramaic , religion and way of life. This included some of the world’s first permanent settlements arranged around early agricultural communities and independent city states, many of which maintained a wide network of trade relations throughout the Mediterranean and beyond.

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