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Kamae Visual terminals and user interfaces. Review on the studies in Japan. Treleaven and Apostolos N. Gilmore Military applications of expert systems J. Carpentier Community strategy in information technology and telecommunications. Aigrain The technological perspective. Wilmot The market perspective.

Noncoding RNAs in DNA damage and Repair

To combat the potential adverse effects from DNA damage, cells have developed a sophisticated signaling cascade to sense and repair DNA damage and maintain genome integrity. Depending on the source of damage, DNA may experience a wide variety of lesions such as modification of bases, single strand breaks SSBs , or double strand breaks DSBs [ 1 , 2 ].

Repair of different types of DNA damage is carried out by specific repair pathways: On the other hand, HR requires a homologous DNA template sequence for error-free repair and predominates in S phase of the cell cycle. MDC1 in turn triggers the recruitment of chromatin remodeling- and modification-complexes, which allow the association of downstream factors, such as 53BP1 and BRCA1. The single-strand ends bound by repair proteins can subsequently invade the homologous template to prime DNA synthesis, which copies and restores genetic information disrupted by the DSB.

SUNWOO has good connection with famous Scandinavian and American fly fishing teams, and most of SUNWOO’s fly rods has testing in Scandinavia, as a result of this work, we are now pround to say that all the fly fishing teams use our fly rods in their competition and leisure fishing themselves proving to us that we HAVE GOT IT RIGHT!

March 20, This might be a spoilerific thread in terms of supports, so people who do not like spoilers, avert thine eyes! I’m quite thorough with picking who marries whom, spending majority of my game accumulating supports and choosing the one I find cutest Because in Hard, stats don’t really matter as much, luckily! I guess this is more of a “Which supports do you like the most? Characters I got married in the order they married were: Had to restart my game because I already went through all his other marriage supports til A; I was dead set on marrying him to Olivia!

The reason being that I wasn’t too fond of his other supports. Sumia’s pie offerings and his bathing mishaps with MU would appeal to some people, but I just didn’t like them too much. So I settled on his last possible support in the list. Which turned out great! But I caved for Frederick instead. It’s sweet how he treats her in the S support, and I think Sumia needs a person like Frederick to balance out her clumsiness haha.

I was choosing between Vaike, Donnel and Gaius for her and Stahl as well, but not as much as those three but Donnel’s S confession won me over. Some that I liked were Gaius The “I did it to save you even though I didn’t know you” was a bit cheesy though haha , Stahl “I’ll help you fulfill your dream! Feels like it has more depth , Vaike and Ricken.

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See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. While it is entirely possible that many of those ncRNAs are transcription noises or by-products of RNA processing, increasing evidence suggests that a large fraction of them are functional and provide various regulatory activities in the cell. Thus, functional genomics and proteomics are incomplete without understanding functional ribonomics.

The enormous amount of information residing in the primary sequences and secondary structures of ncRNAs makes them particularly suited to function as scaffolds for molecular interactions. In addition, their functions appear to be stringently controlled by default via abundant nucleases when not engaged in specific interactions. This review focuses on the functional properties of regulatory ncRNAs in comparison with proteins and emphasizes both the opportunities and challenges in future ncRNA research.

This suggests a general paradigm for functional DNA elements embedded in the non-coding part of mammalian genomes. Although debate continues with respect to the possibility that some of these ncRNAs may still direct synthesis of short peptides, the consensus is that they are largely non-coding, which is supported by the evidence from ribosome profiling [ 4 ] and by the large-scale proteomics analysis performed on two ENCODE cell lines [ 5 ].

While most of these ncRNAs have yet to be biochemically characterized, we are witnessing functional assignment to an increasing number of ncRNAs, leading to birth of a new discipline in biological research. Instead of enumerating numerous great points that have been made in those reviews, here I highlight the biochemical property of ncRNAs in comparison with proteins to formulate ideas for future research, the uniqueness of ncRNA research, which calls for the great need to develop new experimental approaches, and the potential to exploit ncRNA as a new class of biomarkers or therapeutic targets in biomedical and biotechnological applications.

This class may also include the telomere complex-associated guide RNA, which is essential for the end formation and maintenance of chromosomes in normal proliferating cells even though the telomere complex and the ncRNA in it are often compromised in cancer cells [ 12 ].

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He constantly rejects the girls his matchmaking mother sends his way. When he meets Gil Ra-im, a beautiful, driven stunt-woman, she changes his life as he becomes fascinated by her strength and day, a magical incident occurs and they find that they have switched bodies.

Online news meets established journalism: Blogging News in China. Nieman Reports, Winter , Vol. Asian Journal of Communication, Sep , Vol. Refreshing Reporting About a Longtime Trend. Nieman Reports, Fall , Vol. Reading convergent text across cultures. Australian Journal of Communication, , Vol. Writers in Canadian exile deliver pizzas, lecture classes.

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Plot Hyun-woo Ji Sung is the reluctant future successor of his father’s chemical company and engaged to be married to Soo-jin Lee Bo-young. Their two lives collide one fateful night when after a failed attempt on his life, Hyun-woo loses his memory in a car accident. Discovered on the roadside by Eun-soo and her father, they take him in and nurse him back to health. Over the course of his recovery, Eun-soo and Hyun-woo whom she has named “Baek Chang-ho” fall in love. On the day of their engagement, Eun-soo’s father passes away.

They state, “JUNG YONG HWA, a singer songwriter, released an emotional collaboration song titled ‘Hello’ with SUNWOO JUNG A. JUNG YONG HWA, whose musicality and popular appeal have recognized with the first solo album at the same time, tries a new musical challenge by releasing the Empathy project with the vocalist, SUNWOO JUNG A, in Jan

He’s very charming and his female leads appreciate that. But the real reason he may get along so well with his female co-stars is that he works hard at creating chemistry. Once we are considerate of each other, we become comfortable enough to tell each other our worries. He was popular in school and says he is good at skinship. When he appeared on the MBC program “Entertainment Relay,” he said that he dated as much as possible in school. As to skinship, he said he was good at it because he tried hard.

Even though he was popular in school, Park described himself as an introvert in an article with Elle magazine “I am actually really introverted in private, and I practically just keep quiet when I am with my friends. They are just good friends, he says. They played a married couple. He says he did not get into acting for the money.

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April 13, 1. Blind dates The bright lighting, simple and classy interior, the aroma of coffee beans and the dim music in the background of the cafe made it a wonderful spot for a casual first date. Sunwoo glanced at his watch and concluded that his date was already 20 minutes late.

Or, alternatively, the news that matchmaking companies no longer assume that their female clients will pretend to be virgins before marriage (Source) That’s the takeaway message from this survey by two matchmaking companies, currently making the rounds of the Korean portals.

Ji-woo also struggles to reconcile how she feels versus what she perceives to be the truth, while Sun realizes that he may have met his foodie match. If only adult life could be as carefree as those college days. She gets a call from a friend saying her missing business partner, Yeon-ah, was seen at the hospital. Seo-yeon races over and practically tackles Yeon-ah as she tries to run away. Seo-yeon demands her money back, but Yeon-ah apologizes: It turns out that Yeon-ah is a single mother with a sick child which explains why she was at the hospital.

Yeon-ah had left her child with her mother and had gone to America for a fresh start, but when she heard her son had cancer and that the treatments were expensive, she felt like she had no choice but to take the money to care for her child. Seo-yeon angrily accuses Yeon-ah of turning Seo-yeon into the evil, fraudulent one when Seo-yeon did nothing wrong. She tells him that her business flopped and she came back to Korea without a cent.

Seo-yeon tries to hide her tears as she wonders why her life is miserably complicated, then warns Dae-young not to tell Ji-woo anything, not wanting to give her sister the satisfaction.

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Not a surprise, of course—this franchise always does family and friendships in the best way, showing us how people can really bond for life over the littlest of things, and how the people closest to you can be the ones to drive you crazy on a daily basis, and yet come to your rescue when you need it most. Friends and family really do take up the majority of the story, which puts less focus on the romance, and more on growing up in one neighborhood.

Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Thankfully, downstairs neighbor Deok-sun Hyeri , his only ally when it comes to his terrible jokes, arrives to deliver a bottle of oil from her visiting grandma.

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KakaoStory March 02, In fact, this age group is the most positive about remarriage because they retain some conservative social and political values. In a survey by Statistics Korea last year, only six percent of people in their 20s replied that it is absolutely necessary or better to get married again after divorce or bereavement. Fourteen percent of those in their 30s, 15 percent of those in their 40s, and 18 percent of those in their 50s gave the same answer.

But among people over 60, the proportion was 23 percent. A separate straw poll by the Chosun Ilbo and matchmaking company Sunwoo of single elderly people produced similar result. About 45 percent were positive about finding a new partner after divorce or the death of spouse, and 40 percent viewed remarriage after the age of 60 positively. Kwak Keum-joo at Seoul National University explained, “This age group who had at least 30 or 40 years of marriage knows more than anyone the importance of a life companion.

This is why they are more open to the idea of remarriage. Many meet their partners naturally through various activities provided by local welfare centers, and keep in touch with each other using Smartphone messenger apps, just like young people. The number of people between the age of 60 and 74 who are marrying again has been on the rise, from 1, in to 6, in

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